Intermunicipal Quiz

Sorting pro

How do you dispose of items you no longer use? Are you making the right decisions to reduce your ecological footprint? The municipalities of L’Ange-Gardien, Cantley, Chelsea and La Pêche are joining forces to raise citizens’ awareness about waste sorting through a friendly inter-municipal competition! Every point you earn will help push your municipality to the top of the rankings!

So, are you a true Sorting PRO? If so, prove it—your municipality needs you!  

Bac bleu
Bac brun
Composteur domestique
Bac vert
Bac noir

The Ranking!

Sorting PRO rankings are calculated based on the number of correct answers from participants per municipality. Each correct answer earns one point. Your municipality’s percentage is obtained based on the number of participants and correct answers (number of possible correct answers divided by number of correct answers received).

The winning municipality is: Chelsea

You can still take the quiz, but scores are no longer counted.

Thanks to all the participants.

Team Cantley
Team Chelsea
Team L’Ange-Gardien
Team La Pêche